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The Other World Kingdom is an actual place located in a countryside palatial estate, formerly the ancestral  residence of a line of Barons, two hours outside Prague in the Czech Republic.  It is truly a fantasy realm as every inch inside its walls has been utilized to manifest the ultimate experience in extreme Domination and submission.

Everything you see on their website is real and can be found on the premises including the Guardesses.  I know because I visited OWK six times for the annual celebrations which were elaborate multi-day events attended by people from all over the globe.  Sadly, they no longer host those events but they do offer one-day special occasions.


I was one of the first to be recognized as a Sublime Lady of OWK, which is a title bestowed personally by Queen Patricia to women who exhibit their ownership of at least one man in a manner to the Queen’s satisfaction over several visits to her FemDom wonderland.

Sublime lady of owk
one of my photoshoots at owk
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