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BDSM Project Consulting


Simone Justice



I'll help  your project to represent BDSM accurately, safely, and with awareness of consent & inclusivity concerns specific to kink.

My 25 years traveling the globe for BDSM experiences, allows me to provide access to the people, places and things in the realm of BDSM. When I vouch for projects, doors open and people talk.

I save projects time and money in acquiring resources. In addition, I can explain complicated aspects such as  iconography, psychology, fashion, artistic sensibility of genres & fetishes, and the language of BDSM.

I started consulting when I was still a famous pro dominatrix. My 4 themed room Hollywood, CA dungeon was rented as a location for films and photo/magazine shoots.  Directors and photographers had lots of questions! I'd mention how to make the project more authentic and they started hiring me to choreograph BDSM scenes, advise on realistic outfits & gear and how to use it, or coach actors on kink skills.  I've also informed writers on how to accurately represent domination and submission in their work.

I've continued to consult on BDSM projects since then. I also bring skills I learned as a writer, entertainment business publicist, fetish events producer, and licensed psychotherapist.

I'm in training to get certified as a SAG/AFTRA approved Intimacy Coordinator.

My passion for changing incorrect representation of BDSM stems not only from how it contributes to shame and secrecy for people whose sexuality includes kink, but moreover, from the threat it presents to the general public  - who may copy dangerous acts irresponsibly shown in media.

find out how I can make

your project

sensitive, safe, and successful!


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"Simone was crucial to my documentary. She set up interviews with kinksters from all over the world, access to exclusive events and arranged free entry to expensive occasions. If she didn't know the answer to my questions about BDSM, she put me in contact with someone who did."

- Director, Todd "Max" Carey

"Simone Justice gave me the keys to the queendom! As an outsider to that world, having her vouch for me opened doors.

Her long list of Dommes to interview provided me with what I needed. When my editor asked for a new chapter explaining what a dominatrix is, Simone's contribution basically wrote it for me!"

- Author, Lindsay Goldwert

"The casting for our TV pilot which was based on my book, was all done by Simone. We asked her to do it, because she knows everyone in BDSM. She got us the perfect ensemble of Pro-Dommes who agreed to the project based on her reputation alone."

- TV Pilot Co-Producer & Book Author, Georgia Payne

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