about me

I am an internationally renowned BDSM educator and former dominatrix, based in Fort Worth, Texas.


My greatest honor is to be among the first 15 people to be inducted into the BDSM Hall of Fame.  I'm a 20+ year member of the BDSM community, mentor to many of the world’s top dominatrices, producer of kink events, BDSM consultant to TV & film, and writer.

Teaching BDSM is my passion. I teach more than safe & skillful BDSM. I teach my own program of domination skills, DommeCraft, that draws on my experience as both a dominatrix and psychotherapist.

I travel to teach conference and in-store classes around the world, as well as group weekend immersion courses and private in person lessons. Between teaching tours, I offer personalized phone classes.

Welcoming new people to BDSM, coaching couples to realize their fantasies, assisting professional dominatrices in taking their career to the next level, and helping individuals gain the confidence to manifest amazing BDSM experiences, is what I love about educating.


I started exploring BDSM in my personal life, then attending nightclubs, organizations and parties where I was asked to do professional sessions enough times that I decided to try it. 


The legendary Los Angeles dominatrix, Sabrina Belladonna hired me to work at her dungeon, where I learned from her and the illustrious staff of dommes.  Performing onstage in the Sin-A-Matic backroom every weekend, I got to watch and learn from the best.  When I gained enough experience, I went out on my own and established a bi-coastal monthly presence in both L.A. and NYC,


To promote my new independent status, I built one of the first dominatrix websites where I posted writing about BDSM and my adventures which led to magazine articles, two columns and moderating a popular web forum. 

I also traveled the world to attend BDSM conferences and events, including O.W.K. where I earned the status of Sublime Lady.  My experiences watching and playing with lifestyle and professional players all over the globe  has informed my own play.  I've been fortunate to be invited into several subcultures within the BDSM community where my repetoire has expanded.





I created my own dungeon, The Halls of Justice, located on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood, CA.  I built four themed rooms stocked with elaborate equipment and an extensive toy collection.  Four women completed training with me to become my protégés and instantly became successful.  Two are still prodommes, Domina M, and Mistress Gemini.  My monthly classes were attended by my staff and local pro-dommes.

I consulted on a film that shot at my dungeon and other movies afterwards.   My dungeon was also used as a set for magazine photo shoots.  I was also featured in magazines and in fashion shows and as a special guest at events all over the world.

In 2001, I took a break from professional sessions to concentrate on my work as a licensed psychotherapist, although I continued to travel, host parties and play in my personal life. I closed my dungeon.

During that long hiatus, two new students trained with me, Mistress Inga Larsson and Ekatarina Romanovich, taking classes at my home dungeon until they completed my program to become my latest protégés.  They both have reached international renown as top prodommes.

In 2015, I returned as a professional dominatrix, although only for phone sessions. I also started teaching phone BDSM classes to students all over the world through phone classes.

At DomCon, I produced an annual popular party, where I met up with old friends and was introduced to the huge influx of new prodommes looking for education.  I teamed up with Mistress Damiana Chi, PhD, teaching Weekend Immersion Group Courses at her luxurious dungeon which all quickly sold out with a wait list.  In New York City, I taught a similar course which always sold out as well. I am so grateful for the chance to teach longer classes that allow for truly covering each topic and getting to spend enough time with students that they can reach their goals in a weekend.

I began touring to BDSM conferences and adult stores to teach and branched out offering classes in new cities.  I love helping people to explore their fantasies and gain confidence through BDSM classes and it feels good to give back to the community that has given me so much.  I am honored to share what I know and to connect with amazing people.

The BDSM community of today was built by those who came before us.
I'm grateful to be a part of my BDSM Lineage.