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Arch Mistress Catherine

Thank you to my first employer as a Professional Dominatrix at her house dungeon, The Velvet Underground, in Los Angeles, Arch Mistress Catherine.

You were a trailblazer in so many ways! You treated your staff dommes with respect, offered us classes and a roomy lounge where we could wait and prepare for sessions. You paid us a better percentage than any other house at the time. We got half of the $200/hr that you charged your clients to enjoy your splendidly 6 well-stocked play rooms.  Each had a distinct theme: Schoolroom, Church, Queen's Den, Medical room, Classic Dungeon and Chinese Torture lending drama and ambiance to our sessions.  You even let me name the school-themed one, Room 101 (a reference to the torture chamber in 1984 that housed "the worst thing in the world") and painted it on the glass door!

To be continued...

Arch Mistress Catherine
Headmistress, prodomme,
mentor, celebrity
Anchor Catherine
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