ALL Webinars are taught by me, Simone Justice, featuring my own original content.

I begin with a presentation of the topic, sometimes I will do demos, then I end with Q&A.

Discreet billing, tix sold below.

Link to webinar is emailed when you register. Simply click link to download app and join the class.

I use Zoom for my webinars.  Participant will not be visible or audible, only I will be heard and seen.  Questions can be typed in and voted on by all.  Chat option is enabled.

Everyone within earshot & eyeshot of the webinar must be at least 18 years old.

All orientations are welcome, as are all genders including non-cisgendered and non-binary adults.


Please do not allow subs or clients to listen to dominant=only webinars, and vice versa, so that participants have the freedom to speak freely knowing the conversation is limited to dominants or subs only, as indicated in the webinar description.

Participation is limited, and all my webinars have sold out quickly, so PLEASE get your tickets early to secure your spot.

NO REFUNDS will be given if you miss the webinar. All refunds must be requested the day prior to the webinar by 12pm to allow time to fill your spot.  Late cancellations will not be refunded.

My webinars are NOT RECORDED. Some topics may be repeated later as special events, due to popular demand.  All topics can be covered in a personalized phone class with me which can be booked to any open time slot here on my website.

Please note that all webinars are listed in CENTRAL TIME.  If you are not in Central time zone please convert to your own time zone i.e. 6pm Pacific = 8pm Central = 9pm Eastern.

Webinar classes



Monthly Domination Series is 1 hr webinar class for professional and aspiring-to-pro-level dominants, held on the 1st Wednesdays of the month at 8pm Central.

Upcoming Topics:

  • June 3rd, 8pm Central - Distance Domination

  • July 1st, 8pm Central - Branding Advice

  • August 5th, 8pm Central - Marketing Tips

  • September 2nd, 8pm Central - Vetting Subs & Personal Safety Tips

  • October 7th, 8pm Central - Legalities

I offer these webinars as an affordable option to experience my program of DommeCraft domination skills which I developed by combining my experience as a domme, a professional dominatrix and a licensed psychotherapist. All my classes emphasize a psychological approach to domination, with special focus on verbal domination.

All topics can also be covered in personalized phone classes booked directly here on my website.

Tix to the classes through August are sold at

Starting with the September webinar, $19.99 tix sold below

"Your webinar yesterday was so helpful! You are insightful, knowledgeable and possess a fantastic ability to convey information/education with ease. You genuinely wants dommes around you to succeed and it shows. Thank you so much!!"

- Domina Elara



DOMINATION webinars:

Domination Webinar - Vetting Subs & Personal Safety
Domination Webinar - Legalities
Domination Webinar - November
Domination Webinar - December
Domination Webinar - January
Domination Webinar - February
Domination Webinar - March

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