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Domme Talk is a 1 hr webinar class for the professional dominatrix, held the 1st Wednesday of the month at 8pm, Central.

I will begin with a presentation of the topic of the month such as Touring Tips, Long-term Clients, Distance Domination, Business Best Practices, Personals, D/s Protocols, etc. Followed by questions and input from participants.  Time permitting, we will end with introductions and networking.

This webinar is for verified pro-dommes only. All orientations are welcome, as are non-cisgendered and non-binary dominatrices. Everyone within earshot of the webinar must be at least 18 years old. Please do not have subs or clients listening so all participants have the freedom to speak freely knowing the conversation is between pro-dommes only.

$19.99 Advance tickets only.

Sales end 1 day before class starts.

Participants will be sent webinar link by email 1 day prior.

Upcoming Topics:
March 27, 8pm Central - How To Excel at NiteFlirt Domination SOLD OUT
March 30, 8pm Central - How To Start in NiteFlirt Domination SOLD OUT
March 31, 1pm Central - How To Excel in NiteFlirt Domination SOLD OUT
April 2, 8pm Central - How To Excel at NiteFlirt Domination SOLD OUT
April 1st, 8pm Central - Financial Tips w/ Personal Finance Expert, Lindsay Goldwert SOLD OUT
May 6th, 8pm Central- Verbal Domination Basics
June 3rd, 8pm Central - Distance Domination SOLD OUT
July 1st, 8pm Central - Branding Advice
August 5th, 8pm Central - Marketing Tips

Let's domme talk best practices, tips and challenges!

"Your webinar yesterday was so helpful! You are insightful, knowledgeable and possess a fantastic ability to convey information/education with ease. You genuinely wants dommes around you to succeed and it shows. Thank you so much!!"

- Domina Elara


Get the access code, email me link/s to verify you are a pro-domme.

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