My BDSM lineage



These professionals dominatrices completed their training in the dominatrix arts with me.

Protégé In Training

This professional dominatrix has completed several private classes and is in the process of completing her training in the dominatrix arts with me.


These professional dominatrices have completed my weekend immersion course or taken private lessons with me.

My life was forever changed the moment I met the legendary dominatrix, Mistress Sabrina Belladonna.  I’ll always remember that pivotal event in vivid detail.  


She opened the door to her private dungeon with the same grace and grandeur that she did everything. Like a classic movie star she commanded attention. She was glamorous, dramatic, and truly dazzling.


Dressed in a custom-made black patent corset with red flames and matching thigh-high black and red stiletto boots, her pale skin contrasted by tattoos and long black hair, she embodied confident self-expression like nobody I had ever met.  

I first saw him onstage playing. And so did you, if you were lucky.  He made love to her, with rope, and cuffs and a whip. He treated her like she was a jewel, then he adorned her with his marks. The things he did made my whole body tingle in excitement, just watching.  Then he turned to me, looked in my eyes, licked his lips and smiled slowly, like I was next.


Never had I seen BDSM like that.  Not on top.  Not on bottom.  And I wanted to be in both positions. To play so well, that it became art.


Soon afterwards he began to work at the same dungeon that I did, as a professional Master.  Mistress Sabrina Belladonna introduced us as we all

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