My BDSM lineage


Mistress Sabrina Belladonna

My life was forever changed the moment I met the legendary dominatrix, Mistress Sabrina Belladonna.  I’ll always remember that pivotal event in vivid detail.  


She opened the door to her private dungeon with the same grace and grandeur that she did everything. Like a classic movie star she commanded attention. She was glamorous, dramatic, and truly dazzling.


Dressed in a custom-made black patent corset with red flames and matching thigh-high black and red stiletto boots, her pale skin contrasted by tattoos and long black hair, she embodied confident self-expression like nobody I had ever met.  


Even though she flashed her signature wide smile and welcomed us to the play party with a swooping gesture, I was intimidated by her.  Sabrina was warm, generous, calm and patient.  She was caring, kind, soft-spoken and nurturing.  But somehow she was still always intimidating. She vibrated with a power that you felt deep inside, that naturally brought up feelings of inferiority and submission.


I had met other dominatrices, but none had approached my notion of a true dominatrix, until I stood in her presence.

It was my first visit to a professional dungeon, and my first ProDomme play party.  She had approved my attendance as a guest dominatrix based on references stating I was experienced enough to play with the male clients for tips. I was going to have to prove worthy of pro status.


These professionals dominatrices completed training in my entire program of  DommeCraft domination classes and mentorship with me early in their career as world-class pro-dommes.




I am honored that these professional dominatrices chose to take my  weekend immersion course, group workshop or private lesson.

Los Angeles, CA

Miss Aine Patrick

New York, NY

Lady Victoria Hanover

Los Angeles, CA

Empress Jazmin Wu

San Francisco, CA

Ophelia Margaux

Los Angeles, CA

Miss Lila Sage

Reno, NV

Lady Desiree

Charlotte, NC

Goddess Nya

Los Angeles, CA

Aleta Cai

Los Angeles, CA

Mistress Heidi Darveaux

San Francisco, CA

Mistress Wild Iris

Los Angeles, CA

Mistress Elle Zelena

Los Angeles, CA

Mistress Maliceficent

Los Angeles, CA

Goddess Astria Reine

"I am truly honored to become part of this dominatrix lineage.”

      -  Mistress Heidi Darveaux

Protégé In Training

This professional dominatrix has completed several private in person and phone classes with me and is in the process of completing her advanced training in my DommeCraft domination skills program,



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