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Wardrobe Tips

Dressing the part, is a big part of BDSM. Fetishists aren't the only ones getting excited about leather, latex, and shiny PVC, a lot of people are turned on by BDSM clothing and kinky footwear, both wearing it and seeing it worn. Even WalMar carries fetish clothing now! So, there must be a lot of people into it, which means there's so much to choose from! That's every gift giver's nightmare and all the weary online shopper's too.

And you don't want to make a mistake because in the world of BDSM, what you wear sends a signal about what kink you are into. Imagine getting all dressed and attracting exactly the opposite kind of BDSM to what you desire.

Follow my wardrobe tips, to take the confusion out of what to wear, and where to find it, whether you are shopping on a budget or splurging to wow someone you adore.

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