Justice Will Be Served

I am Simone Justice, internationally renowned dominatrix and BDSM educator, based in Fort Worth, Texas.


My greatest honor is to be amongst the first 15 people to be inducted into the BDSM Hall of Fame.


I am a long time lifestyle member of the BDSM community, mentor to many of the world’s top dominatrices, Sublime Lady of OWK, producer of kink events, BDSM consultant for TV & film, and writer.

Teaching BDSM is my passion.


I don't offer in person sessions, only calls, chat and cam.


I started exploring BDSM in my teens but kept it private until I joined the Los Angeles lifestyle BDSM community in the early 90’s.  I frequented Threshold, Proscenium, and often played in public at The Fetish Club.  


After attending several of her play parties as a guest domme, I asked the legendary late, Mistress Sabrina Belladonna, about doing sessions at her private dungeon. She promptly hired me for her soon-to-be-opened house of domination called The Velvet Underground. Learn about Sabrina and my other Mentors on my Lineage page.


I began my professional career as a staff dominatrix, learning from Sabrina and her co-owner Arch Mistress Catherine. They held monthly play parties at which I was always present.  


Every shift I learned from the illustrious V.U. staff, many of whom went on to become successful independent dominatrices including Isabella Sinclaire and Georgia Payne.


After I went out on my own as an independent dominatrix, I rented session time at the Power Structures/G-Force studio in downtown L.A. owned by Sabrina, Isabella, Storm and later on, Ilsa Strix.  I was usually present at their play parties.

Performing onstage at Sin-A-Matic in the back room became a weekend regular event for me.  I have also performed and modeled in fashion shows on other stages including The Fetish Ball and Kink in the Caribbean.

I built one of the first dominatrix websites on the internet and started posting my writings about BDSM.  

My articles and stories were published in magazines, and I was also featured in photo spreads and on the cover of several magazines including Marquis, Skin Two, Bizarre, Whap!, Assertive Women, American Domme, DOMicile, and Whips & Chains.  I wrote a monthly column called “WestCoast Bound” about the West Coast fetish scene for the East Coast magazine Black and Blue.

New York became my second home due to my monthly visits to session there, where I used the Nutcracker Suite dungeon to play. I also played often in nightclubs and at lifestyle parties, conferences and BDSM organization events in both NYC and LA.

I began traveling the world to play and attend events including being among the first to visit OWK.  In 1997, I became a Sublime Lady of OWK.  The highlight of visiting OWK was meeting FemDom enthusiasts from all over the world with whom I became close friends. 


Some of my other favorite BDSM trips were Kink in the Caribbean in Jamaica, Europerve in Amsterdam and the Rubber Ball in London.


My experiences watching and playing with lifestyle and professional BDSM players around the world  has informed my own scenes.  I have been fortunate to play in several subcultures within the BDSM world including the spiritual subculture that utilizes sensory overload ritual to reach transcendent experience.

After years renting from others, I created my own private dungeon, The Halls of Justice, located on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood, CA.  I built four themed rooms stocked with elaborate equipment and an extensive toy collection.

Soon I began taking on apprentices I felt had potential to become a professional dominatrix who studied with me until they reached the level of protégé, when I graduated them from their studies in in the domination arts. Subsequently, they all became quite successful and some such as Domina M and Mistress Gemini are still ProDommes today.  I also rented dungeon time to my former V.U. co-worker, Mistress Georgia Payne.  The group ad I took featuring all of us dubbed as “The Justice League” caught on and that is how we were known.

I held many play parties at my dungeon as I find the best format to realize my SM fantasies is to create my own events.   

I also held play parties with the Justice League Dommes which were structured as a court with me presiding as judge over trials on client's crimes, followed by swift punishment.


One of my favorite accomplishments is working as a BDSM Consultant for two TV shows and three films. 


In 2001, I took a break and played only on a personal level, although I continued to travel, host parties and play within the BDSM lifestyle scene.  

I returned to professional dominatrix status, in 2015, when I realized that I missed the range, quantity and intensity of the sessions I enjoyed with my clients. I do not offer in person sessions, I only accept clients for phone and webcam domination on NiteFlirt. 

Producing events, across the country is something I love to do, hostessing newer members to the community I can introduce contacts known for years is rewarding, and I love to design fantastic BDSM experiences.  For the popular Elite Lounge, I conceived and produced for Whiplr, I delivered over 2 million impressions in my social media marketing per event.


I currently mentor dominatrices in phone classes and in person private lessons. I’m proud that my more recent dominatrix protégés who completed their full training with me - Inga Larsson and Ekatarina Romanovich have excellent reputations and are quite successful. Many students have started their BDSM training in my classes, after which I helped them launch their careers, including Mistress Maia McQueen, Mistress Heidi Darveaux and Mistress Eva Cruz. Experienced ProDommes, such as Lady Desiree, Mistress Marah, Miss Aine Patrick, Aleta Cai study with me to polish their skills and progress to the next level. All of my protégés & students are listed on my Lineage page.

I also teach basic to advanced BDSM skills couples and individuals in my Immersive Weekend Courses, conference workshops and public free classes at Pleasure Chest, Stockroom, DomCon and other venues. 

The BDSM Community of today was built by those who came before us.
I gratefully stand in relation to the Mentors & Students in my BDSM Lineage.

© 2017 Simone Justice

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